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8 Uses for Wire Shelves in your Home!
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8 Uses for Wire Shelves in your Home!

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8 Uses for Wire Shelves in your Home!

Wire shelves are widely used in garages to store tools, but what if we told you that there are at least 8 more ways you can use them in your home? Here is what we are talking about:

  • Pantry: Install wire shelves in your pantry and create new and more space on the walls for all your food, detergents, small household items and more!

  • Store your wine: Install wire shelves in your cellar or in your kitchen to keep your wine bottles handy at all times!

  • Store pots & pans: Use metal hooks and hang your pots under your mesh wire shelves without losing any valuable space!

  • Store small appliances: when it is summer, the filter coffee maker goes away for a while!

  • Keep your countertop tidy: everything that creates clutter in your kitchen can be stored in wire shelves

  • Add baskets for micro – organizing: you know the small stuff we always keep losing? Keep them all in basket within your wire shelves!

  • A green place: add succulents and small plants and add green and freshness to your home!

  • Rolling Wire Shelves: use them if you are always on the look for a handy tool and you do not want to go far away to find it!

Wire shelves can be useful as well as a great addition to your home’s style, so whether you keep them hidden in the pantry to store food and goods or out in the open making your kitchen plan more beautiful, it is certain that wire shelves give you the same efficiency as any other storage but at a very small cost!

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