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Compact sliding track shelving with double deep chrome wire shelving unit
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Compact sliding track shelving with double deep chrome wire shelving unit

Depth: Depth: 14", 18", 21", 24"
Width: 14", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60"& 72".
Length: Track length upto 6000mm/236"
Customized size acceptable based on MOQ of 100 pcs shelves
  • 94032000

Compact sliding track shelving with double deep chrome wire shelving unit 

The storage capacity can be increased by 50% by using this Simply Compact sliding track shelving.

Simply hign density mobile shelving is available in single depth & double depth.  for shelvings come with a double deep, there are two ways, first way is  2 units share a middle post, second way is 2 completely separate unit connected with an accessory to tight together

Key benefits of SIMPLY  high density top track mobile shelving.

The most essential benefit of simply overhead track mobile wire shelving for most businesses is that you can get

more out of your available storage space. Space is often at a premium in business premises, and a mobile shelving unit considerably cuts the space required for storage.

This allows you to get more use from your available floor space, and you can often get as  much as double the storage into the available area.

Features of the High Density Wire Shelving Storage System 

  1. This overhead track system provides instant access while no occupying floor space and increasing the number of shelving units used in a designated area

  2. Used for dry storage, coolers and walk-in freezers.

  3. Utilizes 2 stationary units; one on each end, connected with an overhead track that allows mobile shelving units in between to smoothly shift side-to-side for easy access to inventory and stock items

  4. double deep design max use the space.

Specifications of Sliding Mobile Wire Shelving On Tracks And Rails

Several dimensions are available for the sliding mobile wire shelving on tracks and rails to max use the space.

below are the standard sizes FYI, however Custom sizes also available based on a MOQ of 100 pcs shelves.

Below is a chart of standard wire shelves. 

wire shelving standard sizes


 Main Components of high density mobile wire sheving system 

  • Top track made of heavy duty aluminum which is study enough with a length up to 6000mm

  • Bottom casters are fixed by using heavy gauge Staineless steel panel 

  • bumpers installed to protect shelvings are getting damaged 

Where to Use

· Commercial spaces

· Hospitals and medical supply

· Industrial outfits

· Warehouse spaces

· Restaurants including kitchen & freezer storage

· Home use including basements, garages, kitchens, laundry areas and closets

· IT and networking rooms/closets

Advanced Features of Simply made Wire Shelving Product

  1. Strictly selected High quality material 

wire shelving factory high quality material

2. More shinning and smooth surface finish makes Simply wire shelving appearances higher quality.

chrome shinning

3.  More strict testing before mass production make sure the shelving are safety & wont bend when using.


4. Higher welding & polishing standard to protect the end users wont get scratched.



5. Advanced welding machine makes Simply shelves flat even with heavy loading capacity.


6. 4 layers finishing makes the shelving anti rust & longer life circle.


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