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Foldable Distribution 4 Sided Wire Mesh Roller Cage
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Foldable Distribution 4 Sided Wire Mesh Roller Cage

Roll cages are an indispensable product in places where transportation of packaged goods is involved, such as in industrial units, warehouses and retail spaces. The 4-sided roll cage can be used to transfer goods or packages securely. The mess infill sides of the roll cage ensure that if the packages do get dislodged due to a sudden jerk or a slip in manoeuvring, the mess will be contained.

The low height of the robust base allows for the smooth loading of goods. The two piece door enables stacking of goods up till the full height of the roll cage and the recessed bolts offer extra security to the system. These nest-able roll cages are easy to store when not in use and require only a small amount of space to stack them. These stable systems have a strong built-up system and can carry up to 600kg capacity of load. A combination of fixed and swivel castors enable easy handling of the roll cages at all times, whether empty or full.
  • SII-RC8272
  • Simply
  • 8716800000

Foldable Distribution 4 Sided Wire Mesh Roller Cage


Warehouse Roll Cages provide fast flowing supply chains, retail spaces and distribution centers with easy transportation and storage of boxes, packaged items and stock. These 4 Sided Mesh Roll Cages enable the user to safely stack goods inside without the risk of them falling out and either causing damaged or getting damaged themselves.

Key Features

  • Reinforced design nestable 'A' frame

  • Four sided with 50 x 50mm mesh infill to sides

  • Fitted with two fixed and two swivel 125mm diameter nylon castors

  • New design with recessed bolts

  • Overall dimensions 1720H x 720W x 820D mm

  • 600kg capacity

  • Factory-fitted, rubber tyred castors for a smoother ride over uneven surfaces available

Specification of insulated roll container

Same design, defferent sizes
Model No.  Exterior Dimension Tube Diameter Wire Diameter Loading Capacity Loaded in    1x40'HQ

LxWxH(mm)  mm mm kg sets
SMPL-BY07 720x810x1650 Φ20x2 Φ8&Φ 6 600 450
SMPL-BY08 734x854x1680 Φ19x2 Φ10&Φ 6 600 320
SMPL-BY09 734x854x1680 Φ19x2 Φ10&Φ 6 600 320
SMPL-BY10 734x854x1680 Φ19x2 Φ3 600 320
Material Mild steel Q235
Application area Warehouse, logistic, supermarket, etc.
Finish Zinc/powder coating
Remark Costomized or OEM support
Product features 1.Fold and nest for storage
2.Smooth running nylon,pp castors with roll bearings

3.Strong reinforced desin

4.Available with 2,3 or 4 sides and optional washed

Kinds different nestable roll container

nestable roll containernestable roll container-2roll containerroll container-2roll container-34 side roll container

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