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Food Beverage Drive in Industrial Storage Racks
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Food Beverage Drive in Industrial Storage Racks

Product Name: drive-in, drive-through pallet racking
Size: customized as per request
Usage: cold stores (refrigeration and freezing) for seafood, beverage, seeds, and others.
Use Environment: cold room
Packing: necessary bubble film package
MOQ: 30 units(include main units + add-on units)
  • SII-DT04
  • 730890

Food Beverage Drive in Industrial Storage Racks 

The drive-in racking systems provide high volumes of pallet storage and enable you to make optimum use of your space. Drive-in racking eliminates the need for loading and picking aisles, existing space can be used up to 80% more effectively than with conventional pallet racking. (conventional pallet racking includes selective racking, double deep racking) 

FILO system: FILO is called First-in, Last-out. This principle means individual pallets can be accessed one-by-one from the front of the rack. More storage per cubic metre than any other storage system.

Racking specification requires from you: 

  • Your warehouse's length x width x height, if possible, better provide layout.

  • Racking's dimension - length x width x height.

  • The racking's layer. 

  • The loading capacity per pallet position. 

  • Aiscle width should leave for forklift. 

drive in pallet racking

All racking is detachable structure, each parts is packed by necessary bubble film. Besides, racking usually is not suggest to go LCL to avoid being damage or getting lost.  

drive in racking

We have designed and manufactured products with storage efficiency, functional flexibility and design versatility. 


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