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Heavy Duty Storage Selective Pallet Racking Ajustable Pitch
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Heavy Duty Storage Selective Pallet Racking Ajustable Pitch

Product Name: selective pallet racking
Size: customized as per request
MOQ: 10 units

  • SII-SPR01
  • 730890

Selective pallet rack

 Heavy Duty Selctive Pallet Racking

Steel storage racking arranged in single or back - to - back (double) rows. Each row offers a bay or number of bays in the down-aisle direction. Pallets are generally positioned side-by-side in the down-aisle direction at each level.           


The advantage to selective pallet racking is all pallets are accessible from the facing aisle which provides high SKU storage for medium density application and low cost per storage position.




Selective Pallet Racking

The left: main unit

The right: add-on unit 

Selective Pallet Racking is the most conventional storage solutions.


safety barrier for heavy duty racking upright protector for heavy duty racking Flared Channel Welded Technology Mesh Decking for Selective Pallet Rackingrow spacer for heavy duty racking

Lateral Protection Barrier        Upright Protector           Wire Decking                      Row Spacer 


Will provide professional CAD drawing base on your pallet racking request. Meanwhile you should provide us specification regarding:                              A. Racking's length x width x height                                                                  B. Loading capacity each level                                                                            C. The level of whole racking

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