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How to add steel storage in your home as décor
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How to add steel storage in your home as décor

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Steel storage at home 

Steel storage is not only sturdy, it is also very affordable compared to other conventional storage units like wooden bookshelves. It can also be used a great decorative element in your home space, acting as a storage system holding all your important things. Here are some examples of how you can add steel storage in your home as décor.

-          Turn your entry into an industrial storage space. Choose a couple of wire shelves  and mount them on the wall. Mount steel accessories that can serve as hangers for jackets and add a small, open steel unit on the floor for shoe storage.

-          Use a tall steel storage unit with shelves as a bookcase and a space separator. Add all your favourite books which will make a beautiful contrast with the steel silver material, or add seasonal decoration and separate the center space in your home. An industrial looking separator always makes a strong impression.

-          Try coloring your steel unit. A deep pop red or yellow cabinet can be the best accent item in your home, combine with wood elements.

-          Use wire shelves to create a wonderful garden in your balcony or back garden. You can even paint the steel shelves black or green to compliment the plants you decide to put on them.

Wire shelves and steel storage can become a very interesting decorative element in your space, if you think clever. You can show them off or use them to compliment other elements in your home, while keeping everything you want safely stored on or in them. What is your best decorative idea for steel storage?


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