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How to max use the space
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How to max use the space

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4 Tips to max use the limit space

While storage is considered essential in every home and every office or company, it is often not used so wisely. Storage is not about simply accumulating all your archives in one place. It is about organizing that space to serve you better. Here are some ideas

-          Store by size: make the most of your storage units by categorizing your items according to their size. This way a pattern is created that helps you save time whenever you look for something, because you will know where it is by how big it is!

-          Store by color: If you want to store paper archives, you can categorize them by their folder color. You can create a colourful storage unit as well as organized, since you will know what each color stands for.

-          Store by material: Art galleries can store artwork by material. Different section for acrylic paintings, different for watercolour etc. Scuplutes can have their own section and everything becomes easier to find.

-          Store by genre: Manufactures and wholesale suppliers can use storage units to store their products or materials. Since this is a more complicated process, it is better to categorize the items by what they are, for example special storage for candles, special storage for candle holders, special storage for matches and so on.

Storage should not be taken as just a way to get thing out of the way. Every storage unit is an opportunity towards maximizing your organizational skills and saving time and money for your home or business.

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