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Industrial Warehouse Mezzanine for Bulkage Goods Storage
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Industrial Warehouse Mezzanine for Bulkage Goods Storage

Product Name: mezzanine platform
Size: customized as per request
Usage: suitable for the fields of big height warehouse, little goods, unloading it manually and big storage quantity.
Use Environment: in door
Packing: necessary bubble film package
MOQ: 1
  • SII-MP02
  • 730890

What's Mezzanine? 

Mezzanine Floor racking system is to build a loft on an existing work site or shelf to increase storage space. It can be used as a second and third floor loft. Besides, it can be applied to renovate old warehouse, to improve the warehouse space utilization. Single layer or multi-layer mezzanine can be designed according to the acrtual area and specifica requirements to make full use of space and save warehosue area. Normally it's 2-layer or 3-layer, and stairs, handrails and cargo elevators are equipped. It is advisable to access some light foam and small and medium-sized goods, suitable for large-volume or multi-variety small batches of goods, and manually accessing goods.

plywood flooring mezzanine platform

Plywood Flooring

Strong and stable.

Dimension: 2440mm x 1220mm (8' x 4') x 15mm thickness 


Steel checker plate

Anti-skid. It benefits from the raised surface of the checker plate.

Anti-corrosion and rust. The stainless steel, aluminium and galvanized material can help the checker plate from the corrosive and dusty environments.

Anti-high temperature and alkaline. This is the main feature of the stainless steel and aluminium checker plate.

Self-cleaning and minimized the maintenance.

Powder Coated Anccillaries 

Except for the flooring, including edge protection and pallet gates are powder coated instead of the traditional method of wet spray.  Our powder coating process gives a highly durable finish and excellent gloss retention.

Mezzanine platform

Mezzanine platform

Mezzanine platform

Core elements includes: 

  • upright

  • beam

  • cross beam

  • guard rail

  • flooring

  • staircase 

  • sliding gate

How to get quote fastly?

If this mezzanine racking interest you, please leave your message with below infos.

  • length x width x height(including guard rail) 

  • loading capacity per sqr. meter 

  • staircase length x width 

  • plywood flooring or steel plate

Wood Plate Mezzanine Chipboard Flooring Commercial Multi Layer (2)

It is detachable structure, each parts is packed by necessary bubble film. Besides, usually is not suggest to go LCL to avoid being damage or getting lost.  


mezzanine racking

We have designed and manufactured products with storage efficiency, functional flexibility and design versatility. 


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