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Industrial storage in your home
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Industrial storage in your home

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Storage is an essential chapter in the history of house building. As time goes by all homeowners accumulate various objects of interest, from art to souvenirs from beautiful trips, to yards of fabric for curtains. That means that not all of these items will be in constant use in a house. So, turning to storage is the only option.

We here at Simply say why not give character to your space by adding a piece of industrial storage? Pieces like steel wire shelves, mobile storage units and steel racks can become the “it” item in your home’s décor. You can use a steel multi-shelf combination to use as a focal item in your living room. We can design and manufacture the unit in the dimensions you want, with allocated spaces for the TV, the sound system, your books and your art. We also apply an epoxy color of your choice to make it a beautiful accent piece.

Industrial storage is a big plus into your garage too. Use different steel shelves and racks to accommodate your tools, your boxes of older things and your inventory for the garden. No more worrying about how to organize your home, a few pieces of professional storage can save your space and time finding everything you need!

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We have designed and manufactured products with storage efficiency, functional flexibility and design versatility. 


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