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Long Metal Tubes Cantilever Racking Solutions Surface Spray
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Long Metal Tubes Cantilever Racking Solutions Surface Spray

Product Name: cantilever racks
Size: customized as per request
Usage: tubes, lumbers, communication cables storage, long heavyweight items.
Use Environment: in door or out door
Packing: necessary bubble film package
MOQ: 50 units(include main units + add-on units)
  • SII-CR03
  • 730890

Long Metal Tubes Cantilever Racking Solutions Surface Spray

Double sided or single sided available 

All parts are made of sheet steel. Surface treatment is powder-coated for heavy-duty wear resistance. The columns have long feet for stability and perforations along the entire length of the columns make it possible to install the arm at any height. The arms can also be moved up or down at 140 mm intervals.

Cold galvanized, hot galvanized and powder coated finish cantilever 

  • Cold galvanized is physical treatment, only a layer of zinc on the surface. So corrosion resistance is not good enough when used outdoors.
  • Hot galvanized is immersed the steel in zinc solution melted at around 500 °C to attach a zinc layer to the surface, to achieve anti-corrosion purposes. it usually used for outdoor constructions, however cost is far more expensive than cold galvanized & powder coated finish.

  • Powder coated is used to paint metal parts that need to be protected from corrosion. it is the most widely used and cost cheapest in heavy racking industry.

Advantages of cantilever racking 

  • Extremely strong

  • Free standing or bolted warehouse cantilever racking systems

  • Cantilever racking installations will maximise available floor space

  • Cantilever racking systems available in different sizes and load capacities

Widely used for long heavyweight goods

  • Steel plate and sections

  • Large-sized consumer or white goods

  • Timber and laminate racks

  • Long or awkward raw materials

  • Tubes, pipes and fabricated products


How to get quote for fastly?

If this product interest you, please leave your message with below infos.

A. The cantilever's length x depth x height, 

B. Loading capacity per arm, 

C. Two arms's distance, 

D. Two baseplate's distance. 

E. Arm's length. 

 Cantilever racking consists of several core elements

  • Uprights: Columns

  • Horizontal: Rear Bracing/cross brace

  • Horizontal: Arms

  • Base: Bolted and Welded

Adjustable Height Heavy Duty Lumber Rack Cantilever Single Sided

Straight arm and tapered lip arm 

All cantilever arms are factory punched to accept a bolt-on lip as per request. Lips can also be removed when they are no longer required Lips are not intended to bear any portion of the load.

The lip extends 2″-4" above the arm surface.

Cantilever rack

All cantilever racking is detachable structure, each parts is packed by necessary bubble film. Besides, racking usually is not suggest to go LCL as it's easy being damage or getting lost.  

cantilever package

We have designed and manufactured products with storage efficiency, functional flexibility and design versatility. 


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