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Mobile Shelving

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What is Mobile shelving 
Mobile Shelving system mounted on moving carriages. It is a perfect & high efficiency storage solution maximum uses of your limited floor space.
mobile shelving systems track

All archive shelving units can be locked & packed when access is not required, but when needed, an aisles can be created.
All the rolling shelving units have dust proof device, make sure the whole units are dust free

The benefits you can get by using mobile shelving systems
space saving storage solutions
.  the file shelving nearly saves you 40% spaces while the storage capacity remains same. That means it saves you 40% space real estate cost.
. If business growns and needs more spaces/rooms, mobile shelving unit is better, easier & economical way than moving
. Make sure that all your documents are catalogued making it much easier to be find when needed

Mobile shelving system supplier, high density mobile shelving manufacturer from Simply 

Why choose simply?contact simply industrial
1. All space saver shelving can be customized/tailored, sizes/dimensions & the designing, we can do as per you requested
2. Industry Solid bearings & tracks are what we are using

mobile shelving track

3. A variety of accessories for your choice 
mobile shelving accessories
4. more than 10 years manufacturing experience

we have been manufacturing high density mobile shelving units more than 10 years, our
professional teams will offer you suitable & perfect solutions
we are not offering products, we are offering storage solution

Get the tailored & most suitable storage solutions at a price you'll  love, please contact us nowsimply email

Standard sizes of mobile shelving system
Type Bay numbers Single fixed Single movable Double movable  Double Movable
    D450mm D450mm D650mm D850mm
Manual 1 SFP450-1 SMP450-1 DMP650-1 DMP850-1
2 SFP450-2 SMP450-2 DMP650-2 DMP850-2
Mechanical 1 SFM450-1 SMM450-1 DMM650-1 DMM850-1
2 SFM450-2 SMM450-2 DMM650-2 DMM850-2
3 SFM450-3 SMM450-3 DMM650-3 DMM850-3
4 SFM450-4 SMM450-4 DMM650-4 DMM850-4
5 SFM450-5 SMM450-5 DMM650-5 DMM850-5
6 SFM450-6 SMM450-6 DMM650-6 DMM850-6
7 SFM450-7 SMM450-7 DMM650-7 DMM850-7
8 SFM450-8 SMM450-8 DMM650-8 DMM850-8
Standard Hight: 2150mm                      Standard  Width: 905*N (N=numbers)

We have designed and manufactured products with storage efficiency, functional flexibility and design versatility. 


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