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  • 2019-05-09

    What are the advantages of wire shelving in the medical environment?

    The convenience of using wire racks is already well known, but people often see the use of wire racks in warehouses, supermarkets, home environments, etc. In fact, the wire shelving is widely used in the medical environment, such as hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical factories, etc. Do you want to k

  • 2017-10-23

    7 reasons to choose wire shelving

    7 reasons to choose wire shelving

  • 2017-10-23

    Wire shelving is the next big thing in storage!

    Wire shelving is the next big thing when it comes to storing materials, goods and other objects. There are many different options of wire shelving that can be used in both commercial stores and warehouses and in households.This kind of storage consists of steel wire shelves that can come with a mesh

  • 2017-10-12

    Choosing the perfect storage for your office

    We have seen many office designs that we really admire, from desks to storage cupboards. Storage for employees and for the office’s archives or inventory is nowadays not only mandatory, but also carefully planned. The storage you choose for your office reflects the colors, design and dynamics of yo

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