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Six-storey tilted shelf unit storage rack with wheels can be selected
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Six-storey tilted shelf unit storage rack with wheels can be selected

  • SII-WRSL01
  • 940320

Inclined shelf unit storage rack

Place of   Origin Guangdong,   China (Mainland)
Brand Name Simply
Model Number SII-WRSL01
Material Carbon steel/stainles
Layer 6 Lyer
Height 685 ~ 2200mm
Width 355/455/530/610mm
Wire diameter 6.3/5.0/4.5/3.5mm
Wheel Selectable
Surface finish Stainless steel/Chrome plated 
Certification SGS
MOQ 20

Tilt _副本

This fixed inclined wire frame unit is specially designed to accommodate up to six wire frames, but four shelves are inclined. Inclined shelves allow for high visibility, efficient rotation and gravity feed. Line-tilted shelves are popular for newspapers or exhibits.

The inclined rack is equipped with two wire racks and four inclined wire racks. It can also be selected with casters, four rotating casters and two brakes. Made of metal, inclined shelf ensures durability.

Tilt 45 degree display to provide better visibility

The skew frame can be easily assembled in a few minutes. No tools are needed. It's a fixed shelf unit, but we can modify the tilted shelf through the four rotating wheels at the bottom for easy movement.

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