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Special Storage Options for artworks
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Special Storage Options for artworks

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For the number of art that is being displayed in galleries and museums worldwide, there is a very large percentage of art that is stored away in the museum warehouse or the gallery’s basement. That means that there should be storage specifically made to accommodate such valuable assets.

High Density Panels are just one example of the professional constructions that can be used to store and preserve works of art. The tall, vertical double-sided panels are able to fit various objects of different sizes, all within a very compact area. They are connected to a sturdy railing system that can expand and suspend as needed. The panels can be built in a mesh design, so that the contents are visible at all times, making organization easier than ever. The steel panels are connected with mechanical handles that can be used to open different section of the storage system.

Another option is the high density cabinets, which are perfect for storing sensitive pieces of work in specific air and pressure conditions.  The cabinets are equipped with separators that can be used to create shelves according to the size of the artwork that should be stored. The rail connections between the cabinets and the mechanisms that are used to lock them together are able to adjust the temperature and flow of air within the cabinets. This ensures that all valuable pieces of work that are within the unit remain intact and in mint condition.

We have designed and manufactured products with storage efficiency, functional flexibility and design versatility. 


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