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Store you Art collection in a Piece of Art
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Store you Art collection in a Piece of Art

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How to store & organize artwork?

When it comes to storing art, there are many factors to seriously consider. Artworks of any kinds are objects that should be treated with care and storing them should be a process not to be taken lightly.

Opting for a high-density storage unit is a great solution for art collectors.  A high density mobile unit is a system of shelves, built in custom dimensions, which are linked with a railing system that allows them to open and close at specific distance. A high density storage unit can accommodate all kinds or artworks, from paintings to sculptures, given that their size allows it. Equipped with antishocking technology, the railing system ensures that handling the system is effortless.

Another option is steel art racks, especially made for paintings and prints.  They are double sided with mesh steel, making hanging a breeze. They also increase capacity of the storage system in comparison with other conventional storage, so you can use the same space to hang 100% more artworks.

When you choose high density storage for your art, except from the safety and strength of it as whole, it is also a great example of industrial design. This way you actually store your art into a piece of art that will also compliment your collection. Another advantage of steel art racks is that they can be built in specific colors so that they match your space.

If you are an art collector or a gallery, a high density storage system for your artworks is the most appropriate solution, saving you space but also money, since it is very affordable. 

We have designed and manufactured products with storage efficiency, functional flexibility and design versatility. 


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