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Versatility and efficiency of High Density Mobile Storage
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Versatility and efficiency of High Density Mobile Storage

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The need for High Density mobile storage units is growing as a result of the new trends in space. Many businesses design their offices in ways that storage is always at the front and available for everyone. The most important factor is to not waste the space to store inventories, objects or important archives.

There are many different kinds of high density storage solutions.

1.       High Density Mobile Shelves: They are perfect for any business that has a lot of paper archives so an efficient filing system is a must. These shelves are built into high units that are connected with rails and can be expanded as required. They can save up to 50% square footage while they will continue to hold your expanding archive.

2.       Professional Wire Shelving: The perfect storage solution for inventories of objects. A warehouse, a big retailer is only a few of the businesses that can benefit from professional wire shelving. The shelves can be custom built in width and height according to the specifications of the object they will hold.

3.       Carriage Aisles: An all-around storage solution made of high density mobile units connected with sturdy rails at the bottom and controlled with wheel handles. When locked, the storage unit can save more than 60% of space. This versatile unit can be expanded in different sections, so you will never have to worry about acquiring more space for your goods.

Whether your line of work involves paper, commercial materials, artwork or paper archives, then invest in a high density mobile storage solution. You will find that you have more space available to make your business better. 

We have designed and manufactured products with storage efficiency, functional flexibility and design versatility. 


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