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Wire shelving is the next big thing in storage!
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Wire shelving is the next big thing in storage!

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Wire shelving is the next big thing when it comes to storing materials, goods and other objects. There are many different options of wire shelving that can be used in both commercial stores and warehouses and in households.

This kind of storage consists of steel wire shelves that can come with a mesh surface or a wire surface. Each shelf can hold up to 350 lbs of weight. However, since wire shelving can be custom made for your business, each shelf can be built to accommodate your needs.

Wire shelving also has options for any kind of products. That means that height and width can be adjusted upon order, and extra plastic parts can accommodate smaller products within them. All our wire shelving options are made from high quality steel, ensuring endurance and efficiency to hold all your products. If you want an even more flexible storage solution, wire shelving can also come with wheels for your convenience.

Wire shelving can serve as storage options for your offices, warehouses as well as your garage and your living room because it can be manufactured in different colors, thus making for very elegant, industrial design storage for your home. You can combine storage with design and have a great display of your books or souvenirs at a lower cost!

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