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mass storage mobile file Cabinet (T4A-03)
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mass storage mobile file Cabinet (T4A-03)

  • T4A-03
  • Simply
  • China
  • carton with knock down loading
  • CBM
  • 1000set/month
  • 10 CBM
  • 1
  • T/T

1. Effortless push-pull operation
2. Economical way to maximise your valuable storage space
3. Units can be easily extended, altered or relocated to support your changing storage needs
4. Available in single or tandem configurations
5. dust proof device installed on the top of shelf
6. Each system is lockable with a central lock when packed together
7. The built-in safety locks for mechanical type cabinets to safeguard users from accidentally trapped in aisles
8.All-steel construction, including full-height end panel.
9.Standard in-track anti-tip mechanism.

Standard model of mobile filing shelving
Type Bay numbers Single fixed Single movable Double movable  Double Movable
    D450mm D450mm D650mm D850mm
Manual 1 SFP450-1 SMP450-1 DMP650-1 DMP850-1
2 SFP450-2 SMP450-2 DMP650-2 DMP850-2
Mechanical 1 SFM450-1 SMM450-1 DMM650-1 DMM850-1
2 SFM450-2 SMM450-2 DMM650-2 DMM850-2
3 SFM450-3 SMM450-3 DMM650-3 DMM850-3
4 SFM450-4 SMM450-4 DMM650-4 DMM850-4
5 SFM450-5 SMM450-5 DMM650-5 DMM850-5
6 SFM450-6 SMM450-6 DMM650-6 DMM850-6
7 SFM450-7 SMM450-7 DMM650-7 DMM850-7
8 SFM450-8 SMM450-8 DMM650-8 DMM850-8
Standard Hight: 2150mm                      Standard  Width: 905*N (N=numbers of bays)
We have designed and manufactured products with storage efficiency, functional flexibility and design versatility. 


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