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mobile storage systems

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Double your storage space 
mobile storage system
 is a highly flexible and cost effective solution. see below  to get how to  store more in less space. 
space saving rack

Mobile shelving systems' operation system is working with a simple handle, solid steel wheels and heavy gauge steel welded carriages enable easy move and deliver maximum strength, rigidity and durability. 
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mobile storage system

Our mobile storage racks are available in Mannual & Mechinical system to satisfy different needs.

Have installation problem? 
Do not worry, our 
mobile storage cabinets exported to quite many countries, we have clear &brief installation instructions.
While for big project, installation service will be offered by us If needed

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For sturdy and cost-effective mobile shelves, Simply  Storage Systems has a solution for you. 
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      Parameter Specification  :
Types: Manual  Mechanical Wheel Mechanical Handle
Material  :   Electyolytic Galvanized Steel
Surface treatment: Epoxy Powder Coating 
Dimension  : Height : 2150mm
Width : (905*N)+165mm    (N=number of Bays)
Depth  : Fixed Unit  : 450mm
Movable Unit  : 450/650/850mm
Shelf Size : W845xD395xH38mm(for 450/850);  W845xD295xH38mm(for 650);
No. of Shelf  Single Fixed /Single Movable =4n
Double Movable =8n
Aisle Size : 600-1000mm
Loading per Shelf: Reinforced Shelf  : D295mm/85kg ; D395mm/100kg
Multi-purpose Shelf  : D395mm/70kg
No. of Rails : 1-3Bays :  2pcs 4-5Bays : 3pcs
6-7Bays :  4pcs 8Bays : 5pcs
Thickness: Base Back panel Top panel Front panel Side panel  Shelf Post Rail
2mm 1mm 1mm 1mm 1mm 0.8mm 1.5mm 2mm
Lock : Steering wheel with brake lock ,more safety 
Post 50x50mm square tube post of double plate with slots in 25mm increment 
Bumper : Natural rubber of 30x16mm 
Rail : Made of 25mm concrete steel with 0.8mm stainless steel sheet coating
Wheel : Iron die casting with anti-rust zinc coating 
Loading  : 1000kg / Wheel
  Standard model of mobile filing shelving
Type Bay numbers Single fixed  Single movable   Double movable    Double Movable 
Manual 1 SFP450-1 SMP450-1 DMP650-1 DMP850-1
2 SFP450-2 SMP450-2 DMP650-2 DMP850-2
Mechanical 1 SFM450-1 SMM450-1 DMM650-1 DMM850-1
2 SFM450-2 SMM450-2 DMM650-2 DMM850-2
3 SFM450-3 SMM450-3 DMM650-3 DMM850-3
4 SFM450-4 SMM450-4 DMM650-4 DMM850-4
5 SFM450-5 SMM450-5 DMM650-5 DMM850-5
6 SFM450-6 SMM450-6 DMM650-6 DMM850-6
7 SFM450-7 SMM450-7 DMM650-7 DMM850-7
8 SFM450-8 SMM450-8 DMM650-8 DMM850-8
Standard  Depth:  ( D ) 450mm 450mm 650mm 850mm
Standard  Hight:   ( H )                    2150mm 
Standard  Width:  ( W ) 905*N (N=number of Bays)
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We have designed and manufactured products with storage efficiency, functional flexibility and design versatility. 


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