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roller shutter door file cabinet with work surface
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roller shutter door file cabinet with work surface

  • T3-PK1012-15
  • unit
  • 10
Tambour door cabinet features
1.    Body is made of high quality SECC, Electrolytic zinc-plated (galvanized) steel. Comparing to ordinary SPCC cold rolled steel, it has much long life circle and anti-rust. We did a simple test, put two materials on the same condition, get rusted one is for SPCC
2.    Tambour Door recess into cabinets to save space, the door made of high quality PVC strip, which is replaceable, durable and easy to clean. Doors are available in many colors
  tambour cabinet instruction roller shutter from Simply international industrial ltd
3.    Smooth glide track makes the door moves silently
  gloss black tambour door steel cabinet
4.    Steel handle and recess handle available
high quality handle buy roller shutter door cabinet from China
5.    Shelves are adjustable
6.    Different accessories for your flexible choice. Such as shelf,  work surface, movable shelf, drawer, divider, hanging rod, full extension hanging file folder rails and so on
7.    Available in knock-down and welded structure. 

900mm width
Model Number Dimension (mm) Quantity of shelves
T3-PK0907 900W*450D*720H 1
T3-PK0909 900W*450D*900H 1
T3-PK0910 900W*450D*1000H 1
T3-PK0912 900W*450D*1200H 2
T3-PK0913 900W*450D*1320H 2
T3-PK0915 900W*450D*1500H 3
T3-PK0919 900W*450D*1980H 4
T3-PK0921 900W*450D*2100H 4
1000mm Width
Model Number Dimension (mm) Quantity of shelves
T3-PK1007 1000W*450D*720H 1
T3-PK1009 1000W*450D*900H 1
T3-PK1010 1000W*450D*1000H 1
T3-PK1012 1000W*450D*1200H 2
T3-PK1013 1000W*450D*1320H 2
T3-PK1015 1000W*450D*1500H 3
T3-PK1019 1000W*450D*1980H 4
T3-PK1021 1000W*450D*2100H 4

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